Book Ratings

A+ – A Recommended Read.  This type of book would contain all of the elements of an A rating and more.  I feel like everyone should read this story.

A – This book is a truly exceptional read.  It is one of the best books I have ever read.  I could not put it down and I felt a deep, emotional connection with the characters.  The storyline is outstanding and I cannot stop thinking about it after I am done reading it.  I would definitely purchase this author’s back list.  This book will go on my keeper shelf and I will re-read it again.

B – This book is a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I would recommend this book to family and friends, and I would search out more works by the author.  This book will most likely go on my keeper shelf.

C – While this book is average, it is a worthwhile read.  It held my attention and I liked the story.  There are most likely issues with  plot or character development.  I would recommend it to a friend, but I probably won’t re-read it at a future date.

D – While this book has a lot of problems, I was still able to finish.  It is most likely a book that is poorly written or has terrible editing.  I would probably not recommend it to my friends, and it definitely won’t go on my keeper shelf.

F – This book is a do not finish.  There are so many problems with plot, characters and editing it is not worth the time to read.  Fortunately, I very rarely come across books of this type of book.


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