Welcome to Book Reviews & More by Kathy

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my new book review blog!  I am very excited to share my love of books with you.

Like many readers, my love affair with the written word began as a child.  There was nothing I loved more than reading Laura Ingalls Wilder and imaging life on the South Dakota prairie.  I solved many a mystery with Meg Duncan and her best friend Kerry Carmody.   And who didn’t read Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys?!  I also enjoyed Trixie Beldon and the Bobbsey Twins books.  Hmm, I think I just dated myself in a big way ;-).

As a young teen, my older sister introduced me to romance novels.  Because I was a tomboy, I was reluctant to read a looooove story, but she enticed me over to the darkside with a Harlequin Romance that featured an Olympic track star.  That’s all it took for me fall in love with love.  I preferred historical romances for a long time and to my surprise, not only did I fall in love alongside the heroine, but I also learned a great deal of history.

My early reading years have been a huge influence on the books I read today.  I still love romances, but now I read just as many contemporary novels as I do historical.  Mysteries often find their way into my massive to be read pile.  I have discovered faith, hope and a greater understanding of God through inspirational fiction.  And every once in a great while, a young adult book catches my interest.

What influenced your love of reading?



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4 responses to “Welcome to Book Reviews & More by Kathy

  1. Hola Amiga,
    I just love your new website Ms. K!! I too, remember Trixie Beldon, she was my fave. From her I graduated to romances. Remember when a Harlequin Romance’s raciest words were “he pressed tightly to her so she could feel his hard strength.” *Gasp*…we’ve come a long way. Congrats on your website, I love the wallpaper. Looking forward to reading your reviews!!
    Katie D. (Your PBR partner-in-crime)

  2. debsbook

    Waving HI from Northern Michigan! Kathy, love the site… Congrats on your new adventure. I have joined, befriended everything to your sight;)


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